i love how a piece of art and flowers can come together to make magic. kari herer
photographed a beautiful series of sketches embellished with flowers. here are some of my faves.



they say comparison is the thief of joy. in today’s social media obsessed culture,
it’s easier than ever to compare yourself to thousands of people across the world
as you flip through facebook and instagram. it then becomes quite easy to lose
sight of what’s important in your life and all the amazing things to be grateful for…
even the little things like fresh food, water, and a place to come home to at night!

i love the quote above because it really emphasizes to look within yourself to find joy
and make the most of all you’ve got. take a few moments a day to practice gratitude…
and smile while you’re at it (it’s proven psychology that even a fake smile makes
you happier!).

adding flowers for flavor (or garnish) to your cocktail of choice can turn a boring classic
into something fun and new.here’s a simple flavor guide of flowers to try out. all edible,
of course. 🙂

i’m a fan of spicy, so going to try some nasturtium in my next tequila concoction!



basil fruit blast (image 1) recipe via fresh origins
lillet rose spring cocktail (image 2) recipe via martha stewart

if you’re looking to splurge on a gift or give someone an instant pick-me-up, look no further.
valleybrinkroad makes these gorgeous and brilliant boxes filled with artisanal goodies
and fresh flowers! each box is custom made, so you can determine the size and components
of your sure-to-please gift. check them out!




i recently discovered an awesome new flower delivery service called bloomthat.
beautifully curated, handcrafted flowers delivered in under 90 minutes, starting at $35.

they go the extra mile with their arrangements, and even use burlap instead of plastic!
they feel a lot more special than your standard 1-800 flower types. and those places
usually end up delivering late…or worse, delivering something that looks much different
than what you picked out online.

bloomthat is only in sf right now, but I hear they may be coming to la soon! below
are a few of my current faves available now. love, love, love.





florals are everywhere this season, so i wanted to bring you some of my favorite flowery finds.

quick dollar-saving tip, use hukkster.com to alert you when your favorite items go on sale!
it’s a simple widget that lives on your toolbar. all you need to do is click the icon when you
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shop these items: 1. iPhone 5 case from Anthro, 2. sugar cone wall planter from Anthro,
3. silk racer tank from JCrew, 4. phone case wallet from Target


succulents are awesome because they are low maintenance and still provide a pop of
color in your garden. fun facts: they like to be kept in bright light and only need to be
watered every couple days.